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Do You Have Obesity Problem?


  • How can I get rid of excess weights?
  • I fail to lose weight although I try hard to do so.
  • I gain weight too easily.
  • I eat as much as everyone else, but I am fatter than them.

We have been very frequently hearing these types of complaints particularly in the last ten years. Increased welfare of the society, cheaper and easier access to the high-calorie foods and the lifestyle of consuming less calorie and gaining excessive weight have become primary medical problems. A chocolate of 2 Liras that we can buy from the supermarket can almost meet half of the daily need for calorie.

The only problem is not related to appearance, but also the other diseases that occur along with obesity makes obesity as the most important medical problem. Diabetics, high blood pressure, musculoskeletal system disorders, asthma, sleep apnea and particularly cancer diseases are seen more in obese patients, and if obesity is treated, the threats of those diseases on our life can be substantially reduced.


First of all, if you are obese, what should you do when you make a decision to get rid of this situation?

Of course, it is necessary to take less calories, consume calories and move more.

First, you should consult an Internal Diseases or Endocrinology Specialist to understand if it is caused by a disease or over-nutrition.

Consult a dietitian and regulate your nutrition and activities.

Being under the control of and getting support from a psychiatrist could be also helpful.

If you failed as a result of all these steps, you should consult the OBESITY SURGERY for other invasive methods. The relevant surgeon will explain the most suitable surgery methods after making the necessary examinations, and you will be able to decide the type of surgery together with your surgeon. It is very normal to have fears and concerns in the surgery phase. When you are speaking with your surgeon, ask all benefits and risks of the procedure. No need to say that the surgeon must be adequately trained and experienced. After all checks and examinations, make a decision and implement it.

In short, if you are obese and has already tried one of all other weight-loss methods at least for once and failed to get rid of your over-weights and do not have any associated obstacles, then consulting to OBESITY SURGERY is an actual alternative that you should take.

I wish everyone fit, health and happy days close to the ideal weight.