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Lose Weight With Health In Our Bariatric Surgery Center

İlber Saiti Obezite Cerrahi

Our patient Mr. Ilber from Macedonia who is 26 years old and has been fighting with excess weight for years applied to Op. Dr. Mustafa Önder Dolap from our Diabetes Surgery Center. Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery is recommended for Mr. Ilber whose weight is calculated as 202 kg and Body Mass Index is 62 from his examination.

Pre-operative cardiology, internal medicine, nutritionist, chest diseases and anesthesia examinations are performed for our patient and he is informed about the surgical operation that will be conducted by our doctor. Operation is planned for our patient who doesn’t have any obstacle for the operation after the examinations and analysis.

Our patient is followed up by nutritionist Çiğdem Kıral after the successful operation and he was discharged from the hospital with health and without any pain and complaint.

We wish a health life to Mr. Ilber with his loved ones as Private Çorlu Vatan Hospital family.