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Lost 30 kilograms with the Sleeve Gastrectomy!

Sleeve Gastrectomy ameliyatı

We have performed the examinations of Ms. Müjgan, who consulted to the Obesity Surgery Center of our hospital 3 months ago and had undergone a “Sleeve Gastrectomy” operation.

Our patient, being consulted by Nutrisionist Çiğdem Kıral, has lost 30 kg throughout the process.

She has indicated that she is free of all the complaints she has had as a result of reducing weight after being followed up by the Obesity Surgery Center.

Ms. Müjgan, who left our hospital following her follow-up appointments, thanked the Obesity Surgery Center team and our hospital.

As the Private Çorlu Vatan Hospital family, we wish Ms. Müjgan a healthy life ahead with her loved ones.