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Successful Septorhinoplasty surgery

Following the initial talk, he indicated that he had a nasal deformity, breathing difficulties, and snoring when sleeping. Mr. Molani, whose visit to our hospital had been organized in advance, was greeted at Istanbul Airport and arrived at our facility. M.D. O. Burak Demirel evaluated him upon his arrival at our hospital, and a Computerized Tomography was required. A significant septum deviation was discovered, prompting the recommendation of Septorhinoplasty surgery using the Piezo technique, which reduces pain and edema in the post operative period.

The patient agreed to the surgery and with the assistance of our staff performed the pre-operation preparations. Our patient, who had a successful operation, was discharged after a two-night hospitalization and a follow-up appointment. Mr. Molani returned to the control examination after a week, and he received his new look, which he had been waiting with great enthusiasm. He was satisfied with the aesthetic result and was able to breathe freely.

Mr. Molani congratulated the surgeon Burak Demirel for the successful operation and thanked the International Patient Unit team and all the service nurses who made him feel at home. He recommends our hospital to all acquaintances for the quality of Çorlu Vatan Hospital services and our professional and smiling staff.

As Çorlu Vatan Hospital, we wish Mr. Molani a long and healthy life.