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Micro – Fue Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction as known as FUE is one of the primary methods for treating baldness. In this method hair transplant surgeons extract follicular units from donor area (the back side of scalp).

When you decide to have a hair transplant, it’s too important for making detailed consultation. Pre operative consultations very important for understanding patients expectations.

Planning a customized program for your hair loss that meets your desires and budgets and fits your sex, age and type of baldness. We will advise you the best medical and / or surgical treatment with the quantification of the area to cover, the density and the volume of the implants.

Could we cure Baldness in women and men?

With right hands and with right techniques yes. In so far the best method is hair transplant. But which is the best method for hair transplant? All method’s (DHI, FUE, FUT, Micro-FUE) has its advantages and disadvantages.

When all methods are examined in terms of patient comfort, efficiency, price, duration, reliability in so far Micro-Fue is gold standart for many medical societies all over the World.

How many sessions do the patients need to have hairs?

A session that could be one and only in Micro-FUE!! We are able to implant 4000 to 5000 FU or more if available, with a possibility to realize real megasessions in a one-day at maximum density, without dividing the transplant into multiple sessions (with relative expenses) at a cost affordable to everyone.

How long does it takes turn normal life for patients after surgery?

Micro-Fue Hair transplantation is minimal invasive procedure that allows you to go to your home by foot after surgery. First 3 days you need to be careful for hitting your head. After 3 days you can wash your head gently. International patients could turn their homes after the day of surgery. Its possible to fly and travel after the surgery without any problem.

Hair distribution:

Hair distribution is unique to each individual, by color, consistency, density, sex, age, extent and type of baldness. We select and position of the different FU to rebuild your dense and natural hair with the insertion up to 4000-5000 FU at an affordable price. FU means follicular units. The follicular units can be one, two, three of four hairs clustered in each unit. You can think follicular unit like a piece of tissue carrying hair follicles.  This is the way how hair grows naturally.

Using 100% of the donor area

The third-generation 0,7mm. punch MICRO-FUE technique with led lighting avoids damage to the follicular units. Unlike the STRIP-FUT technique, the FU are not manipulated under the hot and intense light of the microscope and their survival is guaranteed, in addition there’s not the feared long 25-30 cm long scar, often dilated and painful with paresthesia in the surrounding areas. To achieve a natural look from your transplant depends on many factors such as anterior hairline desing, good density, direction of implantation, use of appropriate follicular units in each location, etc. With the old punches, each punch could able to remove 10 to 20 hairs together giving the “dolls hair” aspect that is definitely in the past.