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Grigor, who had been complaining about being unable to breathe, has recovered his health!

Septoplasti operasyonu

Grigor Kirilov Nikolov from Bulgaria had been suffering from nasal congestion and the inability to breathe through his nose for years when he applied to our International Patient Unit. The patient was invited to our hospital for a detailed medical examination following the preliminary conversation.

Severe Septum Deviation was discovered after examinations performed on Mr. Grigor, whose visit to our hospital had been planned in advance. M.D. Burak Demirel, one of our Rhinoplasty Center’s physicians, stated that the Septoplasty operation would solve his problems. Our patient, who chose to have surgery, underwent preoperative examination and all tests.

We discharged our patient after 1 hour of Septoplasty Surgery and one night of hospitalization with no pain or bruising.

As the 40th anniversary of Çorlu Vatan Hospital, we wish Mr. Grigor a long and healthy life.