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Non surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment

Non-surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment
Hemorrhoid is a very common disease. So the researches show that every 1 person out of 4, have met this disease. Seen more frequently especially on people who are over 30 years old. It is noted that wrongs in nutrition and toilet habits are effective in the appearance of this disease.
Sitting for long time in the toilet, straining hard, constipation, stress and irregular lifestyle are the factors that trigger hemorrhoid. Maturity, increase of intraabdominal pressure, pregnancy and even obesity are the other facilitative factors for this disease. For not getting constipation, plenty of fruit and vegetable consumption, drinking water, eating regularly, sleep and toilet routines are important.
The disease occurs when vein cushions inside the anal area are swollen, prolapsed it results a tendency to bleed. The formation is separated into two parts according to the formation area: internal and external hemorrhoids. Disease shows itself with itchiness in the perianal area, burn, pain, swelling and bleeding.

What are the hemorrhoid diagnosis methods?
Together with physical examination being important for the diagnosis, sometimes devices like anoscope and endorectal ultrasound are being used too. Anoscopy is a device which lets us image the anal canal. Distinctive diagnosis of the perianal area diseases can be made with anal ultrasound. Both anoscopy and endoanal ultrasound are easy non-anesthesia methods that can be applied in polyclinics.

How is hemorrhoid treated?
Generally non-surgical methods are prepared for the hemorrhoid treatment. Hemorrhoid problem is mostly solved with medical treatment and suggestions. Only 2% of the patients need surgical treatment. Treatment choice in this hemorrhoid disease which is classified as internal and external,  is generally made after the physical examination or anoscopy (if needed) according to the location and degree of hemorrhoid.
Coagulation of hemorrhoid pouches with band, infrared laser and ultrasonic devices or excision of pouches with conventional method are among the surgical treatment techniques to be selected. Hemorrhoidectomy with longo technique which have been popular in last years, is the top surgical method to be selected with its low level of pain and high comfort after the operation. Thrombosed hemorrhoid which is commonly seen and progressing with painful swelling complication, can be treated easily with local anesthesia.