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It’s never too late to say goodbye to being overweight!

Mrs. Safije, 62-year-old, came to our Obesity and Bariatric Surgery Center from Macedonia.

She told us that for many years she has wanted to say goodbye to her excess weight, which is already seriously endangering her health and making it diffic

ult for her to carry out her daily activities, and that she couldn’t drop weight despite her best efforts.
During the consultation with M.D. Mustafa Önder DOLAP – Specialist in General Surgery and Deputy Chief Physician of the Private “Çorlu Vatan” Hospital, the patient was given detailed explanations about the appropriate treatment, the nature of bariatric surgery and its expected benefits. Based on her physical condition and the results of the calculations of the body mass index, Mrs. Safije Idrizi was recommended the intervention of “Sleeve Gastrectomy”. After the evaluation of M.D. M. Önder DOLAP and the consent of our patient, we moved to the stage of hospitalization and preoperative preparation. Initially, detailed examinations and tests were performed to assess the patient’s current condition, which included an examination by a cardiologist, an internal medicine specialist, a psychiatrist, a specialist in nutrition and diet, blood tests, whole abdomen ultrasound and fibrogastroscopy. After all the analysis it was confirmed that there is no medical obstacle to perform the surgery.

A day later, the intervention was successfully performed by M.D. M. Önder DOLAP. After a two-hour laparoscopic operation, 80% of the patient’s stomach was removed and next she was placed back in her room to rest. The four-day hospitalization was required for the postoperative follow-up of Mrs. Safije Idrizi, in this way she was under the direct supervision of our and nutrition and dietetics specialist, Çiğdem Kıral and also general surgeon.

On the day of the patient’s discharge, it was measured that she lost 8 kilograms during her hospital stay. During her entire treatment and hospital stay, Mrs. Safije Idrizi was always smiling and in a happy mood. We would like to point out that we will always remember her for her cheerful and radiant nature. We wish good health and happy moments in her new life.