Rhinoplasty applications are conducted to remodel nasal bones and cartilages, beautify the appearance of nose and also enhance its function. It could be applied to all individuals who are above the age of 16, have aesthetic concerns and/or experience difficulty in breathing. There are two methods as open and closed surgeries. The method of surgery is determined as a result of medical examination and discussions held in accordance with the doctor and patient relationship.

Each patient has a different nose anatomy, bones, cartilages and skin. Therefore, there is no standard duration of surgery because there are many different factors that affect the duration of surgery. It takes 2 to 4 hours on average. It is not possible to provide the same nose to all patients. It is important to conduct face-to-face meeting between the doctor and patient. The demands of the patient and the procedures that could be applied by the doctor must be significantly compatible.

As nose is the most remarkable area on people at first sight, the correction of the deformations there is quite important from an aesthetic and psychological point of view. These surgeries conducted do not only beautify the nose of patients, but also improve their psychological well-being. This is a very sensitive issue. Only who suffers from it knows it.

For example the individuals, who think that their nose is arched, large or bent out of shape, try to stay away from crowded places as they do not feel good within the society. They do not allow their friends to take pictures because they do not like its appearance. They try to fix, filter and cover up each picture they take. It’s especially a big trouble for young ladies aged 18 to 25. After a while, these individuals start to withdraw from the society and live away from social life.

According to the feedbacks we receive from our patients that went through this surgery, they become stronger and more confident individuals in social environments after the surgery. Also, their psychological well-being is significantly improved and their confidence is increased according to the psychological assessments conducted before and after conducting a surgery on the relevant patients.

Although nose is an area that might cause aesthetical concerns, it is functionally our most important organ that enables us to breathe in clean and humid air. The purpose of the surgeries is to create noses that have beautiful appearance and also breathe in easily.


In the aesthetic surgeries conducted in the past, intervention had been made only to the appearance of nose, and aesthetically beautiful but non-functional noses had been created. Surgeons had generally offered two options as being more beautiful or being able to breathe. So, they had applied a surgery only to the inner or outer part of nose. In terms of the Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery; we have excellent command of both aesthetic and functional characteristics of nose. In our operations, we create aesthetically beautiful noses that can breathe easily. Our main purpose is to create aesthetic noses that can breathe comfortably.

Due to the nose surgeries conducted in the past without using technology, patients had 3 major fears. As doctors, we conduct nose surgeries every day, but most of the patients do not know anything about this experience and what happens before and after the surgery. Our purpose is to explain to them as much as we can that they do not need to be afraid of this surgery. I recommend all individuals, who would like to have this surgery but have fears, come to visit us and discuss and get more information about the steps of this surgery.

The surgery process of a patient will be more comfortable if the doctor and patient relationship is sincerer and stronger.

  1. Will I suffer too much pain when my bones are broken with a hammer?
  2. Will it bleed too much, get bruised and swollen?
  3. What if my nose becomes worse?


As I mentioned previously, due to the bad experience in the past, rhinoplasty surgeries cause fears for those individuals that have suspicions and concerns about this surgery because of the statements such as ‘‘it causes too much pain, it will swell even around your eyes, and when they remove the nasal packing, it is even more painful than giving birth’’.

Thanks to the improved techniques and the use of existing innovative methods in the field of medicine, rhinoplasty surgeries are even simpler than before. With Piezo, an ultrasound bone cutter and trimmer, these fears about rhinoplasty have been partly eliminated. Severe edema, bruise and pain caused as a result of breaking bones by using a hammer in an uncontrolled way has been minimized. Possible dangers such as dent and bent in bones have been eliminated.

Piezo allows for remodeling the nose by easily cutting or trimming nose bones in the form of a thin line like a glass cutter cutting a glass ultrasonically. As a result patients become more comfortable in the post-surgery period. Our patient satisfaction ratio has increased as a result of the Piezo surgery implemented by us as the Ear, Nose and Throat team of our clinic at the Private Vatan Hospital. According to the majority of the feedback received from our patients, they say ‘‘I wish I had a surgery before. There is nothing to fear”.  The bones are cut and modeled in a controlled way without breaking them so bruise, edema and bleeding are minimized. The pain that occurs after the surgery is similar to other standard surgeries and can be controlled by taking drugs.