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Together we are stronger in the fight against overweight!

Our patient Atanas Ivanov Bozhinov, from Varna Province of Bulgaria, contacted our department for international patient care after coming across our publications on social networks. During the conversations, he told us that he has problems with being overweight, has complaints such as high blood sugar and has difficulty performing his daily activities.

After the talks with Mr. Bozhinov, on the basis of the information shared by him, a preliminary consultation was made with our specialist in General and Bariatric Surgery M.D. Ferudun BIKMAZ and the patient was invited to our hospital for detailed examination. Upon his arrival at our hospital, Mr. Bozhinov’s case was taken over by M.D. Ferudun BIKMAZ. After a series of physical examinations by specialists from various medical departments and detailed examinations, based on the current condition of the patient, the intervention “Sleeve Gastrectomy” was recommended. During the ultrasound, which is part of the routine preoperative preparation, it was found that Mr. Bozhinov’s gallbladder was infected due to the presence of gallstones, which mechanically block the bile duct. Based on the data obtained from the preoperative preparation, a decision was made to perform surgery by laparoscopic method, aimed at solving both problems of the patient.

The intervention was performed by laparoscopic method, first removing the gallbladder and then 80% of the patient’s stomach.

After the successful intervention, the patient was taken to his hospital room and remained under medical supervision for 5 days. During his stay in our hospital, the patient was provided with detailed information and recommendations by our specialist in nutrition and dietetics Çiğdem Kıral.

Even during his postoperative follow-up at the hospital, it was established that Mr. Bozhinov had lost about 6 kilograms and after the end of his follow-up, our patient was discharged from the hospital in good general condition.
We wish Mr. Bozhinov a new life full of health and happy moments.