From Sweden Towards A Fresh Life: One Step Forward

Mr. Stoyan Turnov, from Sweden, contacted our International Patient Services Department on a friend’s recommendation, expressing his weight-related concerns. After thorough preparations, Mr. Turnov was welcomed by our colleagues at İstanbul Airport and transported to our hospital in Corlu.

Mr. Turnov’s case was taken over by our Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Specialist, Dr. Mustafa Onder Dolap. After detailed consultations, Sleeve Gastrectomy was suggested, tailored to Mr. Turnov’s BMI and individual needs.

On the same day, comprehensive examinations by our Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Psychiatry, Nutrition and Dietetics Specialists, including fibrogastroscopy, abdominal ultrasound, blood and radiology tests were carried out. No obstacles were identified for the surgery. The following day, the surgery was successfully performed and followed by postoperative care and dietary guidance provided by our Dietician, Cigdem Kiral.

After a week of hospitalization, Mr. Turnov was discharged in good health, expressing his gratitude to Dr. Dolap and hospital staff. As Corlu Vatan Hospital, we also thank him for trusting us and wish him a swift recovery and a healthy life.