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Let’s continue the fight against obesity where we left off!

Obezite operasyonu

Our 54-year-old patient, Ms. Aysel, who had complaints about her weight, has applied to our hospital and to the Obesity Surgery physician, M.D. Okay Pırtı after starting to experience various health problems. Sleeve Gastrectomy has been advised to Ms. Aysel, whose Body Mass Index was calculated to be 65 following the first examinations.

For the surgery’s preparation, cardiology, internal medicine, nutritionist, chest diseases, and anesthesia examinations evaluations were performed. Following the examinations and tests for our patient, who had no impediments to the indicated procedure, a program for intervention was created.

Our patient stayed in our service, which is a sterilized place in terms of Covid-19, after undergoing the necessary preparations before to surgery.

The surgery took three hours with 5 mini-incisions. It was performed using the laparoscopic technique. After three nights in the hospital, our patient, who had a successful procedure, was observed to be in very good health and walked out of our hospital without needing any assistance.

Ms. Aysel, who will be observed by our Nutrition and Diet Department following the surgery, expressed her gratitude to the Private Çorlu Vatan Hospital and M.D. Okay Pırtı, as well as the entire team. As the 40th year of service at Private Çorlu Vatan Hospital, we wish Ms. Aysel and her loved ones a healthy future.