Patient Freed From Malignant Tumor: Gastrointestinal Cancer

Our patient, Andrei Mihailov Apostolov (50) from Bulgaria, contacted our International Patient Service Department with the complaints of drastic weight loss, stomach pains, and acidity, as well as changes in bowel habits persisting for a year.

After a consultation with our patient, necessary arrangements were made, and an appointment was scheduled. Our patient visited our hospital for a physical examination and tests, including gastroscopy. During gastroscopy, suspicious areas were scanned and samples were taken for pathological examination. As a result, Gastrointestinal Cancer was identified.

After the pathological examination, the tumor was determined to be malignant. In this particular case, Laparoscopic Subtotal Gastrectomy was recommended.

Upon Mr. Apostolov’s arrival at our hospital on the day of surgery, all necessary investigations and preoperative preparations were completed; our patient was admitted to the operating room. The surgery was successfully performed and our patient was able to stand up the next day thanks to the laparoscopic (minimally invasive) method. After four days of hospitalization, our patient was discharged in good overall condition.

The entire team at Corlu Vatan Hospital wishes Mr. Apostolov a healthy future ahead.