As Çorlu Vatan Hospital we have taken so many measures since the first day of occurrence of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic that threatens the entire world and our country, in order to protect our patients, patient relatives and our employees, and we continue to safely serve you with all measures taken by us in this process.


How will we enter the hospital during the Covid19 Pandemic?

  • During the entries into the hospital; we take the temperature of all our guests and employees and look for disease symptoms at the main gate and provide hand sanitizer and masks.
  • We also provide information and advice to guide our patients into the relevant department in the shortest period.

Is the ventilation system safe?

  • The ventilation system at our hospital operates with 100% Fresh Air, and the breathed air does not circulate back to you.
  • The ventilation system in all areas at our hospital is equipped by the advanced technologies in accordance with the international standards. Multi-stage, filtered and conditioned, 100% fresh air is taken into the environment, and 100% of the breathed air is safely discharged into the external environment.
  • To monitor and protect the microbial contamination levels routinely; our ventilation and air conditioning systems are periodically maintained and all hygiene conditions are properly provided.
  • How should I come for policlinic appointments?
    • To avoid possible intensity and waiting in the pending areas; we recommend that you get appointments for policlinics and come to our hospital 15 minutes prior to the appointment time at the earliest.
    • Our policlinic patients and inpatients can be accompanied by ‘only one’ attendant.

Our patients and their attendants are admitted into the rooms after conducting COVID-19 scanning test before hospitalization procedures.

It is forbidden to accept visitors into patient rooms to protect the health of you and our employees.

How to ensure social distancing?

  • We use separators to provide our guests with safer services during the registration process.
  • The seating arrangement in our waiting areas has been re-adjusted in accordance with the social distancing rules.
  • We have provided all our employees with trainings on social distancing and hygiene rules.
  • A limitation is applied in relation with the number of users of elevators, and relevant images have been posted on the floors.

What measures have been taken in the Policlinics and General Areas?

  • There are hand sanitizers on the reception desks, doctor examination rooms and hospital entrances.
  • The medical areas such as radiology screening rooms, blood collection rooms and examination rooms are frequently sanitized during the day.
  • All printed materials in the hospital such as magazines, newspapers, brochures, menus etc. have been removed.

What are the extra measures taken for inpatient rooms?

  • Our inpatient rooms are sanitized by using special cleaning products in line with our high hygiene standards and presented for your use in a way that protects your health and safety.
  • All our textile products such as bed sheets, blankets and pillow cases are prepared in 4 cycles (pre-washing, main washing, rinsing and squeezing) by using special washing programs at particular standard degrees to prevent cross contamination.

What measures are taken in the operating rooms?

  • All our operations are carried out by specialized teams that wear special protective equipment in operating rooms at international standards and in accordance with high hygiene standards.

How do you ensure hygiene in meal services?

  • We have briefed our employees working in meal services through special trainings regarding the points to pay attention in terms of the safety of patients, and ensured that our employees wear personal protective equipment correctly.
  • Our service team, trained in hygiene rules and food safety, serves special meal menus to your room by wearing suitable protective equipment.
  • Our cafeteria provides services in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health and is periodically inspected for compliance with food safety and hygiene rules.