This is the field of science that treats the systematic and local problems in body. It is associated with many fields of science due to the wide range of illness groups that fall into its scope.

Various types of cancer cases constitute the majority of general surgery diseases. The primary treatment of many cancer cases is still surgery.

Another field of interest of general surgery is traumatology. In case of multiple organ injuries, it assumes collaboration and coordination with the other surgical fields.

Currently, “general surgery’’ refers to thyroid surgery, breast surgery, alimentary canal, stomach, small and large intestines, anal diseases (hemorrhoid,fissure), liver, pancreas, gall bladder and bile ducts and herniation surgery.

Obesity is one of the diseases of our age. Obesity is accepted as a more frequently observed disease in our society. Laparoscopic surgeries are successfully carried out in our clinic in terms of fighting obesity.

The treatment of the following diseases is carried out by using the methods that are called as minimal invasive methods and intended to provide permanent treatments with minor wounds on patients. Along with the development of the technique known as laparoscopy, patients feel less pains after surgeries and return to their normal lives easily.

The treatments provided in our hospital are as follows:

  • Obesity Surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy)
  • Gastrointestinal Surgery
  • Reflux Surgery
  • Goiter Surgery
  • Herniation Surgery
  • Gall bladder Surgery
  • Gastric – Colon Cancer Surgery
  • Pancreas Surgery
  • Liver Surgery
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Breast Diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Hemorrhoid
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Anal Fissure
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Dermoid Cyst



M. D. Ferudun BIKMAZ

General Surgery

M. D. Okay PIRTI

General Surgery