Medical Aesthetics Department of our Hospital:

This department provides services under the leadership of Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Lütfi Murat DENİZ and Medical Aesthetic Specialist MD Orhon UZEL.

Our applications cover removal of undesired hairs by laser epilation and surgical and non-surgical procedures conducted to eliminate all disturbing faults on your body.

  • Skin Care for the Elimination of Problems on Skin,
  • Chemical Peeling,
  • Spot Treatments,
  • Anti-Aging Applications,
  • Laser Skin Treatments are successfully provided in our Center.
  • Desquamation, skin spots and scars are removed by fractional laser applicationsand the formation of wrinkles on skin are prevented. FOTONA laser is used as an efficient laser for face lifting and compaction.
  • PRP, Ozone PRP, GRP and mesotherapy are successfully implemented in our department as the most efficient and permanent solutions for the damage on hair and skin.
  • FILLING and BOTOX applications that are known as the classical solution against wrinkle and loss of volume on face create excellent results for you with the combination of original products and the service of specialists.
  • We provide permanent and ultimate solutions by using both needle applications (mesotherapy) and local fat removaldevices for weight control, local fat removal treatments.
  • It is now possible to stop and restore time with fibrocell treatment, which is the most advanced treatment method in modern medicine.
  • We ensure that you feel much better by assisting you to protect your health and fitness with conventional and supplementary applications of ozone and acupuncture.

We Are Waiting For You at Our Medical Aesthetics Department to Explore Your Concealed Beauties…




Medical Aesthetics

M. D. Orhon UZEL

Medical Aesthetics