Neonatal Intensive Care Unit provides all necessary support for all babies that need intensive care. In line with the actual knowledge and use of modern medical equipment, we deliver babies to their parents as soon as possible, and provide the necessary resources in the information and training of the parents.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit provides advanced care for early birth starting from the 24th week of pregnancy as well as the babies of the mothers with multiple pregnancy and diabetics, big baby, baby that swallowed meconium in mother’s womb and other high risk babies that suffer brain and other organ damages that occur as a result of difficult birth. Providing all necessary medical and surgical services for babies; the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit serves not only for the patients in the hospital but also for all neonatal babies that need intensive care in the neighboring countries. For this purpose, we provide services in collaboration with the air and land ambulance systems.

In our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, we provide services with 18 beds. Our Unit includes respiration support (ventilator), blood replacement, phototherapy, percutancaterer applications (thin vascular access that extend from the venules in arms and legs to the heart), total parenteral nutrition applications, connection of thorax tube (lung air leak treatment), bed-side ECO (Cardiac ultrasonography), bed-side USG (ultrasonography for the assessment of brain and other internal organs) and retinopathy examination (eye examinations of premature babies).



M. D. Çağatay KABAK

Neonatal Intensive Care