The following characteristics of our patients that apply to our nutrition and diet polyclinic are reviewed:

  • Eating habits,
  • History of illness (diabetics, hypertension etc.)
  • Lifestyle,
  • Details about biochemical findings and then;
  • Fat, muscle, mineral, protein and water mass are measured by body analysis device.
  • According to all such data, our dietitian prepares a special nutrition plan for you.

Our patients are regularly followed up and their nutrition plans are reviewed together with the patient during such follows-up.


  • Individual nutrition consultancy
  • Programs to gain and lose weight healthily
  • Weight maintenance programs
  • Anti-fatness and obesity
  • Nutritional treatment for diabetic patients
  • Nutrition in case of cardiovascular diseases
  • Nutrition for kidneys diseases (acute and chronic kidney failures)
  • Nutrition in case of liver diseases (fatty liver, cirrhosis)
  • Nutrition in case of digestive system diseases (reflux, gastritis, ulcer, constipation etc.)
  • Child and adolescent nutrition
  • Nutrition treatment during pregnancy and nursing period
  • Nutrition in case of menopause
  • Nutrition for sportsmen


Some foods can make you ill or cause you to gain weight!

  • Medical problems that have been continuing for many years such as gas, swelling, constipation.
  • Problems such as migraine, headache, depression etc.
  • Persistent sense of tiredness and fatigue.

The foods that cannot be digested by our body could be the reasons behind fatness and difficulty to lose weight!