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She lost 9 kilograms in a week!

bir haftada 9 kio verdi

Ms. Aslı, 27, residing in Edirne and having complaints about her weight, has consulted one of the doctors of our hospital’s Obesity Surgery Department, M.D. Mustafa Önder Dolap. 

Ms. Aslı, who could not lose weight despite her attempts, has been examined by M.D. Mustafa Önder Dolap and then she has decided to undergo a sleeve gastrectomy operation, so the necessary examinations have been performed. 

Our patient, for whom surgical preparations were carried out, has been examined by the departments of internal medicine, cardiology, psychiatry, nutrition and dietetics. Endoscopic examinations, blood tests, and radiographic exams (whole abdominal ultrasonography and chest radiography) were also performed. 

A surgery plan has been prepared for our patient who has no obstacles as a consequence of the examinations and treatments. 

The operation of our patient Ms. Aslı, who trusted our doctor for the operation, was extremely successful. After staying in our hospital for 3 nights for the post-operative follow-up she was discharged in a good health condition. 

Our patient, who came for the follow-up examination 1 week following the surgery, was healthy. Having lost 9 kilos in a week, Ms. Aslı thanked our doctor, M.D. Mustafa Önder, and expressed her gratitude to all nurses and employees caring for her. Appointments for the 1-month follow-up examination of our patient have been organized. 

We wish Ms. Aslı a healthy and happy life ahead with her loved ones.