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What Is a Penile Prosthesis?

Penile prosthesis is a method used to maintain penile rigidity. It’s one of the preferred methods when sufficient rigidity cannot be achieved during the erection process. The most precise answer to the question “What is a penile prosthesis?” would be an increase in performance during erection and sexual intercourse.

As a material surgically implanted into the penis, penile prosthesis aims to provide rigidity and to facilitate erections. Structurally, the materials, typically made of silicone, that provide a firm penis function resemble the natural softness of the penis.

There are various types of penile prosthesis materials available. These options consist entirely of choices that can be selected based on personal diagnosis and expert prediction.

What Are the Types of Penile Prosthesis?

The types of penile prostheses are prostheses made of silicone and materials that can control softness. Penile prostheses consist of four different types.

  • Single-piece bendable
  • Two-piece inflatable
  • Three-piece inflatable

Penile prosthesis usage, including details on how it is used, can be addressed by an expert. The correct material and ideal analysis program should also be determined by specialist physicians.

To determine the appropriate type of prosthesis, mutual evaluation between the patient and the doctor is essential. Based on the results of the analyses, a decision should be made.

Penile prostheses come in different types and assist in achieving erection and stiffness of the penis. The selection of the most suitable material for the patient plays a crucial role in achieving positive outcomes.

With a penile prosthesis, it becomes possible to achieve stiffness whenever desired, facilitating sexual intercourse. Along with stiffness, orgasm can also be experienced during sexual intercourse. Thanks to the penile prosthesis, it is possible to continue intercourse even after orgasm by maintaining stiffness. This procedure not only eliminates erectile dysfunction but can also result in successful improvement in achieving orgasm.

With a penile prosthesis, experiencing stiffness and sexual pleasure at any time becomes possible. Particularly, issues related to prostate and advancing age, such as erectile dysfunction, can be completely resolved with these materials.

How Is Penile Prosthesis Surgery Performed?

Before deciding on Penile Prosthesis, a specialist doctor should be consulted. Penile Prosthesis Surgery involves selecting the appropriate material through mutual consultations and analyses with a specialist doctor. Afterwards, surgery procedure follows. The objects of curiosity include the selection of the penile prosthesis and duration of the surgery.

The surgery usually lasts for a few hours, and patients are typically kept under observation by physicians for a period before discharge, ensuring the adaptation process. The duration of the surgery can vary depending on the characteristics and type of material chosen. Regardless of the preferred prosthesis, it is implanted by making an incision between the penis and the testicles. It is not possible for it to be seen regardless of the type of the prosthesis chosen for the penile prosthesis. Therefore, the likelihood of scarring after surgery is minimal and considered almost invisible.

How to use a penile prosthesis? The patient becomes ready for their first experience 4-6 weeks after the surgery. Compressing the inflatable materials located within the testicles 8 or 10 times facilitates the expansion and rigidity of the material inside the penis. Preferred penile prostheses contribute to a satisfying sexual experience and orgasm, providing reassurance for smooth sexual intercourse afterward. The first 4-6 weeks following penile prosthesis surgery are crucial for postoperative care and the first sexual encounter.

If you have any complaints after penile prosthesis surgery, you can consult a Urology specialist.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Murat RİFAİOĞLU