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Your healthy body. Your happy life

As a result of several physiological and psychological factors, obesity has become the major disease of our age. We can get rid of obesity together in the Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Center of Çorlu Vatan Hospital.

Our general surgeon Ferudun Bıkmaz held a consultation in Burgas city of Bulgaria, there he met the patients and discussed about their disturbs and possibly treatments. Also Mr. Argirov joined the consultation, he shared with our physician his problems related with the overweight, difficulties in his daily activities and his desire to reach a healthy life.

We organized the appointments for doctor visit and all necessary examinations to evaluate the suitability of Mr. Argirov for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Center.

According to the results obtained from the examinations and tests, our physician, M.D. Ferudun Bıkmaz, recommended Sleeve Gastrectomy with laparoscopic method for our patient. When the patient accepted the surgery, medical visits by Cardiologist, Internist, Psychiatrist, Nutrition and Diet Specialist were performed in the same day of also the blood tests, all abdominal ultrasound and fibrogastroscopy examinations.

Following the analyzes and medical examinations carried out in the preoperative phase, our patient was found to be adequate for this surgery. The following day, the surgery was completed successfully. Our patient was very healthy and satisfied. Mr. Argirov weighed 142 kg before the surgery, then he lost 4 kg already 5 days after the intervention.

We are very happy to see our patients in high spirits and healthy after surgeries.

We send our best wishes to our dear patient Mr. Martin. We express our sincere thanks to him for choosing our valuable physicians and hospital.