Baby-Friendly Hospital
Our actions which have started in order to become a baby friendly hospital in 2015, have been finalized with success. As the result of the audits that have been done by the ministry in 2018, we have achieved the titles “Baby Friendly Hospital” and “Baby Friendly Neonatal Intensive Care Unit”.

All the personnel at our hospital believed in supporting the breastfeed with all their hearts, and performed their works with great devotion. We are now enjoying the pride of being rewarded for our efforts, with the titles that are given by our ministry and feedbacks from our patients.

The term Baby-Friendly Hospital
In 1991, the Program of Promotion of Breastfeeding and Baby-Friendly Hospitals was initiated in the hospitals providing birth and pediatrics services as a result of the works of the Ministry of Health for the purposes of encouraging breast milk, raising awareness of mothers about breastfeeding and granting accurate breastfeeding habits. The goal of this program was determined as ensuring the sustainability of successful and permanent breastfeeding.
Baby-Friendly Hospitals that start to provide services in accordance with this program aim to assist mothers to breast-feed their babies immediately after birth through medical personnel that provides information about breast milk and breastfeeding and that receives all necessary trainings. This ensures excellent emotional interaction between babies and mothers.

Why are Baby-Friendly Hospitals important?

Baby-Friendly Hospitals place more importance to breastfeeding and emotional bond between mothers and babies than those hospitals that are not baby-friendly. Another feature of baby-friendly hospitals is that they ensure the continuity of breastfeeding habit in mothers immediately after they leave the hospital.Trained personnel make home visits and provide information about when, how, and under what conditions the babies should be breastfed.Also, psychological and physical conditions of mothers and babies should be taken into consideration in this process.

It is the best choice for premature babies.

Premature babies are required to be more carefully fed and checked as compared to the nutrition of other babies. Fatty acids contained in breastmilk make contribution to the brain and eye development of premature babies and strengthen their immunity systems. Therefore, the informed methods implemented for premature babies in Baby-Friendly Hospitals is very useful.



Volunteering is the top priority for our organization to become a baby-friendly hospital. With all workers of our organization knowing and recognizing the importance of this subject; the decision of becoming a baby-friendly hospital was made by sharing all applications and distributing all duties in a team work.


Accurate breast milk applications involves corporate integrity. All medical personnel act in integrity to implement the applications in the service areas. Accurate breast milk applications contain common right messages and operations.

Briefing and training

After making a volunteer and joint decision to become a baby-friendly hospital, we briefed and trained all our medical personnel regarding breast milk and breastfeeding.

Medical personnel trainings

It is mandatory for all medical personnel working in the organization to receive standard trainings on breast milk, breastfeeding and baby-friendly hospital. During such trainings, standards were established in relation with breast milk and breastfeeding as well as baby-friendly hospital issues, and the training sets created by the Chairman of the Turkish Public Health Authority were used. To plan and provide those trainings, first of all, the organization should be a candidate, make an application to the Public Health Office and ask for and plan the training. Training and briefing meetings and sessions were documented.

The topics in the program can be listed as follows;

  • Importance of breast milk
  • How should breastfeed?
  • Assessment of breastfeeding
  • Giving the right position to the baby
  • Observing the breastfeeding
  • Listening and learning skills
  • Medical applications
  • Giving self-confidence
  • Providing support
  • Breast-related problems
  • Breast examination
  • Breast refusal
  • Learning the breastfeeding story
  • Breastfeeding
  • Crying
  • Breastfeeding the low-birth-weight babies and sick babies
  • Increasing breast milk and resuming the breastfeeding
  • Maintaining breastfeeding
  • Complementary nutrition (AS + supplementary foods)

Our Baby Friendly Hospital Policies

For Özel Çorlu Vatan Hospital Breastfeeding Policy TIKLAYINIZ.

Özel Çorlu Vatan Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for Breastfeeding Policy TIKLAYINIZ.