Traumas that occur during traffic accidents and sports as well as traumatic injuries that are the most frequently observed work accidents in our region happen in the unexpected times. The possible damage could range from simple soft tissue injuries to crushing injuries followed by very serious fractures or loss of limbs. Therefore, it should be examined by orthopedics specialist at an early phase and the first intervention should be made.

In our hospital, minimal invasive surgical interventions are preferred as much as possible for the treatment of fractures. For this purpose, all necessary equipment such as c-arm fluoroscopy device, radiolucent operating table, traction table, surgical motor set and 2 high-definition endoscopic imaging systems were purchased for our hospital after moving to our new building. All surgical interventions are carried out by means of these high-tech devices.

In our hospital, arthroscopic (closed) knee surgeries, arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament, repair and grating surgeries in case of multiple ligament injuries, posterior cruciate ligaments, meniscectomy and meniscus repair, microfracture and mosaicplasty surgeries in case of cartilage diseases and platelet rich plasma (PRP), which is injected into the joint by separating from the own blood of patient as one of the most commonly used methods in recent times, are successfully carried out in our hospital.

Arthroscopic shoulder surgeries, closed surgery for rotator cuff tears, closed surgery for shoulder impingement syndrome, closed surgery for frozen shoulder and closed Bankart surgeries that provide good results in case of repetitive shoulder dislocations are carried out in our hospital very successfully and intensively.

We treat the advanced arthrosis in knee and hip joints by using total knee and hip prosthesis. The prosthesis used by us consists of the success-proven, high-quality, the most commonly preferred materials in the world with very little revision ratio. To reduce their post-surgery pains, we apply PCA (patient-controlled analgesia), and early physical treatment is started in the bed next day by using CPM(continuous passive movement), and we help our patients walk by using walker the next day.

In our hospital, we also conduct robotic knee surgeries that have been recently started to be implemented in the world and in our country.

We provide the treatment of foot and ankle injuries, ligament injuries, fractures around the joints and cartilage injuries as well as surgeries and treatments for hallux valgus and thumb osteoarthritis.

In our orthopedics clinic, we also conduct the follow-up and treatment for congenital hip dislocation, congenital pes equinovarus (PEV) and serial plastering treatment by using Ponseti application without using any surgeries and the follow-up and treatment of special fractures of children.

We also provide the following treatments: endoscopic (closed) and open surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger point surgery that could be observed in children and adults, wrist tendonitis surgery (DeQuervain), dupuytren’s disease surgery, tennis elbow with and without surgery (local injection and PRP) and treatment of hand, finger and elbow fractures, finger tendon and nerve laceration.

We also implement surgical treatment of hip dislocations that occur due to fall of elderly patients by using both bipolar prosthesis and closed nail treatment for the suitable patients. Patients start walking the next day.

We successfully correct bone deformities by using external fixator and external fixator with computer navigation as well as poor union reconstructions for nonunion fractures and bone extension surgeries.

The main treatments provided in our hospital are as follows:

  • Arthroscopic knee, shoulder, ankle and elbow surgeries
  • Surgical and conservative treatments for all sport injuries
  • Hip, knee and shoulder prosthesis surgeries for osteoarthritis
  • Treatments of congenital hip and foot diseases
  • Bone extension and deformation surgeries
  • Treatments for all fractures and dislocations
  • Diagnosis and treatments of all muscle and bone diseases




Orthopedics And Traumatology

M. D. Levent TAN

Orthopedics And Traumatology