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All Together Against Cancer

Emanuil Ivanov Manolov, who lives in Karnobat, Bulgaria, with complaints such as long-standing abdominal pain, bloating and digestive system disorders applied to Surgeon Mustafa Önder Dolap, one of our hospital’s Cancer Surgery Center physicians. Colonoscopy and computed tomography procedures were performed after the examination, and the patient was diagnosed with Colon Cancer.

Informed by Surgeon Mustafa Önder Dolap, an operation to be performed with Laparoscopic Surgery method was planned for the patient.

Preoperative anesthesia examination and tests were performed for the patient, who was admitted to the hospital 1 day before the date of operation.

The patient, who was followed up in our hospital for 4 nights after the successful operation, was discharged without complaints.

The patient, who came to the follow-up examination 1 month after his discharge, thanked Surgeon Mustafa Önder Dolap and all his team member.

As Çorlu Vatan Hospital in its 40th year we wish Emanuil a healthy life.