Obesity is not only a weight problem. It also brings in many ancillary diseases. It increases the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and high cholesterol and prepares the environment required for the development of hypertension. If you are fighting obesity, but fail to achieve the desired result, you can meet with our obesity doctors!

You are not alone in the fight against obesity. Come to us and let’s determine the most appropriate method for you.

Obesity is one of the most significant health problems in the developed and developing countries. In general, obesity is the extreme increase of the ratio of fat mass of body to fatless mass. According to the classification made with body mass index, those above 25 is described as fat and those above 30 as obese.

Obesity affects the living comfort, social life and mental state of the person and also results in serious diseases. The occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and many other diseases as well as the risk of cancer increases in obese patients. It is known that obesity is not only an aesthetic or social life problem, but also a disease that causes serious health problems and shortens lifetime.

The necessary steps are taken based on the body mass index of the patients who are prepared for obesity or metabolic surgery. Patients are required to be trained by using a particular diet program prior to the surgery. For the patients that do not have any additional diseases; body mass index should be above 40. For the patients that have additional diseases such as DM (diabetes), an index above 25 can be considered for an operation.

The application of botilinum toxin (botox) to the stomach is a weight-losing procedure that is based on injecting botilinum toxin into the particular parts of stomach through an endoscopic method. It takes 20 minutes on average and does not cause any pain and nausea. After the procedure, patients may return to normal life quickly. It is a method that helps people to lose weight. It is not a surgical procedure.

In this procedure which is implemented by using an endoscopic method; patients are expected to lose 10-15% of their total weight in a period of 3 to 6 months. The amount of weight lost may vary for each person depending upon age, metabolism speed and frequency of exercises done.

Known as Intragastric Balloon and Gastric Balloon; this is a medical device designed to enable people to lose weight without a medical surgery. The intended purpose of the Gastric Balloon, which is placed by using an endoscopic method, is to fill the stomach partially and thus, to create the sense of fullness continuously.

The weight loss by using a gastric balloon varies for each person depending upon the excessive weight, metabolism speed, gender, age, metabolic and hormonal diseases, adaptation of the person to diet and physical activities. The person loses 20 to 30% of his/her weight on average. Increase in adaptation to diet and physical activities will also increase the ratio of weight loss.

Gastric bypass is a two-stage laparoscopic surgery. During the procedure, a small gastric bag is created in the upper part of stomach by using punches. Then the first part of the small intestine is removed and its lower end is punched and it is attached to this new small gastric bag. In this way, the foods consumed skip the most part of the stomach and the first section of the small intestine. This enables the person to feel full by consuming less food, and the less amount of food is absorbed by small intestines.
The patients that had gastric bypass surgery generally lose two-third of their weight in 2 years.

Sleeve Gastrectomy is a safe and efficient surgical weight loss method that enables people that have obesity problem to lose weight. As a frequently used method, sleeve gastrectomy is conducted by using laparoscopic method, which means that the procedure will be carried out through small incisions in the upper abdomen area. The procedure involves the removal of approximately 80 percent of the stomach, while the remaining part of the stomach stays within a sleeve. No changes occur in the intestines.

After the sleeve gastrectomy surgery, patients are expected to lose 40% to 70% weight within a year on average. As no changes are made in the small intestine and the foods follow the normal route of digestion, the possibility of lack of vitamins and minerals is low.

The purpose of metabolic surgery is to ensure the control of the non-controlled type II diabetes without administering any drugs. To this end, patients are prepared at our clinic through a multidisciplinary approach prior to the surgery. First of all, it is decided by internal diseases specialists whether it is possible to take diabetes of the patient under control. In case of high blood sugar levels which are impossible to be controlled with diet and drugs; the suitable plan is done to choose one of the following gastric bypass, bipartition and ileal interposition surgeries for the patient. After the surgery, patients are closely followed up by our Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Clinic (Dietitian, Internal Diseases, General Surgery).



M.D. Mustafa Önder DOLAP


Surgeon MD Mustafa Önder Dolap, a General Surgery Specialist and also assistant head physician of our Hospital, was graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 1996. He completed his specialization education at İstanbul Haseki Training and Research Hospital. In 2013, he completed his Minimal Invasive Surgery education at Strasbourg University and received Obesity and Metabolic Diseases Surgery education at Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine in 2015.


M.D. Ferudun BIKMAZ


Surgeon MD Ferudun Bıkmaz, a General Surgery Specialist at our Hospital, was graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 1987. He completed his specialization education at Beyoğlu State Hospital in 1993. He had worked at various hospitals of the Ministry of Health until 2015 and has been working at Çorlu Vatan Hospital since 2015.




Surgeon MD Okay Pırtı, a General Surgery Specialist at our Hospital, received education at Ankara University Faculty of Medicine between 2000 and 2006. Subsequently, he received his general surgery specialization education at Ankara Training and Research Hospital between 2006 and 2012. He had worked at three hospitals until 2018 and he has been working at Çorlu Vatan Hospital since 2018.

Our Patient Stories

Lose Weight With Health In Our Bariatric Surgery Center

Our patient Mr. Ilber from Macedonia who is 26 years old and has been fighting with excess weight for years applied to Op. Dr. Mustafa Önder Dolap from our Diabetes Surgery Center. Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery is recommended for Mr. Ilber whose weight is calculated as 202 kg and Body Mass Index is 62 from his examination.

Pre-operative cardiology, internal medicine, nutritionist, chest diseases and anesthesia examinations are performed for our patient and he is informed about the surgical operation that will be conducted by our doctor. Operation is planned for our patient who doesn’t have any obstacle for the operation after the examinations and analysis.

Our patient is followed up by nutritionist Çiğdem Kıral after the successful operation and he was discharged from the hospital with health and without any pain and complaint.

We wish a health life to Mr. Ilber with his loved ones as Private Çorlu Vatan Hospital family.

Our Patient Recovered his Youth with Obesity Surgery

Alican Tamkafa (24), whose weight was 152 kilograms, lost 52 kilograms in 7 months after the successful sleeve gastrectomy surgery conducted by our General Surgery Specialist Surgeon MD Mustafa Önder DOLAP. Thanks to this surgery, Mr. Tamfaka succeeded in losing 52 kilograms, and he indicated that he has started to live his youth and understood this fact after solving his excessive weight problem.